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18 March 2012 @ 06:37 pm

So um. Hi again from your Salinger-esque hermit of an irresponsible writer. I swear to God I am trying to get finale out, but in between work and trying to find a new job, it's been tough. I have been writing UBV, constantly in fact. But the thing is, this has become the finale that just won't fucking end! The "last" episode is just about 13000+ words, so I'm pretty sure this will end up being a really really really long four part finale. The series will conclude at 29 episodes in total, with the ending being a six part finale, with "I Come With The Rain" as the first half and, with four episodes, now being titled "Iphigenia at Aulis", as the final half. 

I did not really anticipate the finale to become as huge and as broad as it has become, which is one of the main reasons why I have not finished it. A lot of things changed and there is a huge shift in the plot that I myself didn't even foresee, which will deeply impact how I will write season 2 (and how I will retcon the series as well). And once I finish it (which hopefully, at the speed I'm working at, may be the end of this month), I'll not be posting the whole thing at once but probably over four or five days as to pace the episode and scenes.

I really want to thank the readers of UBV for being so patient for the past three years, from Soompi all the way to here on LJ. It's been a long time coming, but I assure you the season finale will not disappoint you.
14 January 2012 @ 06:42 pm
Recent Updates:

Note: Okay, so I have been really bad. I was trying to get the season finale all done and completed by now so I can finally relax before focusing on season two for 2012, but that so did not happen. Partly because of work, partly because this chapter just got ridiculously long. And for that, I'm sorry to my readers. *bows* As I was writing this, more and more scenes came up and I did a lot of re-writing of parts and removing certain dialogue and components. I'm pretty sure by the time I finish all of season one, UBV will be at the 150,000 word mark.

To sum up, the season finale will now be a four episode finale, with I Come With The Rain part one and two as the first part of the finale, and Blood and Honey part one and two being the second and last part of the season finale. Blood and Honey has been the longest and hardest part to write, which added with work is what's taking me so long. I'm trying to get it all done before I go on vacation on the 18th so I can post it all before I fly to China, but I felt like I should get I Come With The Rain out first so you guys can have a least something. Hopefully you guys won't have to wait for long from this.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the episode. More will come soon. And as always, comments are epic .

15 December 2011 @ 08:52 pm

Hello lovelies. So it's been six months since I posted anything for UBV. There is a good reason for that, and it's called work. Which has consumed my life from 9 to 5, Mondays to Fridays, and occasionally Saturdays.

Not to say I haven't been working on UBV. It's just been super slow and I've had very little time. I spend what free time I do have sleeping. However, I did enjoy a short two week vacation, and I was able to get a lot of UBV done. It's been hard to get into the groove of it since I love sleeping late to work on my stories, but the final episode is coming along nicely.

I am roughly four to five thousand words from completion, and am currently in the process of writing the most crucial scene, at least to me, of the entire season. I haven't revealed much with this story, since most of the truth doesn't unravel till the all important midseason of season two, but I will say this: I am currently working on the climax of the final episode, in which, at last, Brian reveals to Boa the truth of why he killed Jin. It's a doozy, trust me, and I can't wait to finish this. Here's a sneak peak!

“Why are you doing this, Brian?” Boa pleads.
“Boa shut the fuck up!” Heechul roars at her, but his body is barely able to move. He seemed in unbearable pain. “Stop playing into his fucking games!” Boa blinks back in surprise, stunned at Heechul’s rage. “Don’t listen to a word he says. He killed everybody. He killed everyone. Don’t play into his games.”
Slowly, Brian circles the other man, hands wringed behind his back. Heechul stares forward ardently, refusing to meet his eyes as Boa, Junsu and Junho look on helplessly.
“You still think this is all a game for me, Chullie?” Brian says, his voice sounding almost hurt. “You think that all of this is just something to amuse myself with?” Heechul doesn’t say a word as Brian’s cold dark eyes stare at him. “You never told her, did you?” he says.

Anyways, I hope that'll satiate a a few of you for a bit. I aim to finish this episode before the end of the year. At the very least, I aim to finish this momentous scene by the end of the weekend, fingers crossed and if all goes well. Probably will focus on it tomorrow night, mostly. I hope for a season finale of December 29th, which is the day I got hired last year, kind of as an anniversary gift to myself. If all goes well. I thinks get too busy, I probably won't be able to release anything till January 16th, before I head off to China for a week.

So yeah, that's the goal and wish me luck. I am very excited to finally finish season one of UBV, after three years of writing. ^^ And as always, thanks to you, the readers.
10 May 2011 @ 11:06 pm
Recent Updates:

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I can't believe it took me so long to update UBV. But wow! Here we are! The second last episode before the season one finale of Una Bella Vita! I can't believe we're already here! I'm so excited to get this season done and work on season two, which will have even more secrets, action, and drama. And of course, Jaeyin. The season finale, episode 24, will be a two parter, so I will most likely release it together as two parts. It may stretch to a 3 part episode, I'm not sure yet how long it will be. While the season finale will wrap up the Yoshio-Hayashi war, this does not mean all secrets will be revealed. Season two has a lot of punch, and I can't wait for it to come out. To tease you guys all a bit, while I dunno yet the title of ep 24, I have already planned the first ep of season two out already, and it will be called "Four Funerals", which will be a bit of a hint to the season one finale.

As for ep 23, this is a milestone. Not only is there more character insight, I find, but a lot of closure, evolution, as well as secrets come to the surface. Boa's scene in this episode is one of my favourites of the entire season, and is extremely pivotal and interesting, imo. This episode we also get to see a different side of Jaejoong. Riin's scene is basically a teaser for the future, especially season two.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the chapter! And as always, comments are epic .

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Okay, I didn't make this teaser. It was a gift of sorts by the awesome and amazing jetsetlag, who I adore. I always meant to link this, but kept forgetting. ^^ Better late than never. One can also think of this as the "season finale" trailer of sorts, because we really are about five episodes away from completing the season. Yay~! Oh, and episode 17 "The Girl in the Mist" is also up.

As a random note, because certain scenes of UBV doesn't exactly fit into the scheme of the plot, though they will be talked about on various occasions and discussed by the characters, I've decided to write a few scenes dedicated to UBV's past--or rather, the character's various pasts. I would love to be able to fit into the actual plot scenes of the characters' pasts and relationships and stuff, but unfortunately, this doesn't really work with how I'm taking the story. Only a few characters will get their pasts played out in the continuity, and because I thought it wouldn't be fair, I decided to also write some other scenes to give the readers more incite into UBV's cast. 

These "Flashback" episodes should be relatively short, but knowing me it won't stay that way. I should be posting the first one, in which I will introduce more about our elusive, dark and devious Brian Joo, sometime in the next week or two, but no promises. I've always wanted to tackle the Yukata-Jin-Brian trifecta and show you guys a little of those guys.
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21 December 2009 @ 06:20 pm