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Mod: The Never-Ending Finale

So um. Hi again from your Salinger-esque hermit of an irresponsible writer. I swear to God I am trying to get finale out, but in between work and trying to find a new job, it's been tough. I have been writing UBV, constantly in fact. But the thing is, this has become the finale that just won't fucking end! The "last" episode is just about 13000+ words, so I'm pretty sure this will end up being a really really really long four part finale. The series will conclude at 29 episodes in total, with the ending being a six part finale, with "I Come With The Rain" as the first half and, with four episodes, now being titled "Iphigenia at Aulis", as the final half. 

I did not really anticipate the finale to become as huge and as broad as it has become, which is one of the main reasons why I have not finished it. A lot of things changed and there is a huge shift in the plot that I myself didn't even foresee, which will deeply impact how I will write season 2 (and how I will retcon the series as well). And once I finish it (which hopefully, at the speed I'm working at, may be the end of this month), I'll not be posting the whole thing at once but probably over four or five days as to pace the episode and scenes.

I really want to thank the readers of UBV for being so patient for the past three years, from Soompi all the way to here on LJ. It's been a long time coming, but I assure you the season finale will not disappoint you.
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