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!mod: UBV Teaser 2 + UBV "Flashback" Series

Okay, I didn't make this teaser. It was a gift of sorts by the awesome and amazing jetsetlag, who I adore. I always meant to link this, but kept forgetting. ^^ Better late than never. One can also think of this as the "season finale" trailer of sorts, because we really are about five episodes away from completing the season. Yay~! Oh, and episode 17 "The Girl in the Mist" is also up.

As a random note, because certain scenes of UBV doesn't exactly fit into the scheme of the plot, though they will be talked about on various occasions and discussed by the characters, I've decided to write a few scenes dedicated to UBV's past--or rather, the character's various pasts. I would love to be able to fit into the actual plot scenes of the characters' pasts and relationships and stuff, but unfortunately, this doesn't really work with how I'm taking the story. Only a few characters will get their pasts played out in the continuity, and because I thought it wouldn't be fair, I decided to also write some other scenes to give the readers more incite into UBV's cast. 

These "Flashback" episodes should be relatively short, but knowing me it won't stay that way. I should be posting the first one, in which I will introduce more about our elusive, dark and devious Brian Joo, sometime in the next week or two, but no promises. I've always wanted to tackle the Yukata-Jin-Brian trifecta and show you guys a little of those guys.
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