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U n a B e l l a V i t a

A Fanfiction by Jia Zhang

Una Bella Vita
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"Behind every great fortune, there is a crime."

In the bustling metropolitan of Tokyo, the Hayashi family is a third-generation, Zainichi Korean yakuza clan, led by the imperial and ruthless Hayashi Takeshi. A calculating visionary, he leads one of the most powerful yakuza syndicates in the country, where his might reaches as far as China and Korea. In this world of death dealers, he trusts only a handful of men. Of these men, there is one named Kim Jaejoong, a ghost born from a violent and enigmatic past.

"Una Bella Vita" follows Jaejoong's struggles in the brutality of Tokyo's crime world as well as the dark legacy of the Hayashi Family. The story also involves five other characters: Boa, Hayashi's oldest daughter, as she strives to compete with her brother for power within the family; Tablo, one of Hayashi's sons, who must embrace his father's world; Yeonhee, who falls in love with Hankyung, an enforcer in the family; Junsu, an otaku who is forced to deal with the Yakuza world after a case of mistaken identity; and Riin, Hayashi's adoptive daughter, who's return to Tokyo sparks a war that threatens the entire Hayashi Clan.

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