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Recent Updates:

Note: Okay, so I have been really bad. I was trying to get the season finale all done and completed by now so I can finally relax before focusing on season two for 2012, but that so did not happen. Partly because of work, partly because this chapter just got ridiculously long. And for that, I'm sorry to my readers. *bows* As I was writing this, more and more scenes came up and I did a lot of re-writing of parts and removing certain dialogue and components. I'm pretty sure by the time I finish all of season one, UBV will be at the 150,000 word mark.

To sum up, the season finale will now be a four episode finale, with I Come With The Rain part one and two as the first part of the finale, and Blood and Honey part one and two being the second and last part of the season finale. Blood and Honey has been the longest and hardest part to write, which added with work is what's taking me so long. I'm trying to get it all done before I go on vacation on the 18th so I can post it all before I fly to China, but I felt like I should get I Come With The Rain out first so you guys can have a least something. Hopefully you guys won't have to wait for long from this.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the episode. More will come soon. And as always, comments are epic .

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